UIG Goes Orange for Safety!


June was National Safety Month, and United Infrastructure Group jumped in with both (steel-toed) feet! This year, we made it personal, getting our crews involved in a series of videos and social media posts highlighting safety practices and safety gear, including the ubiquitous Orange Vest. It’s Orange for Safety, y’all!

Workplace Safety is Everybody’s Business

Observed each June, the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month “focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.”

The USDOT puts it this way:

Work zones play a key role in maintaining and upgrading our nation’s roadways. Unfortunately, daily changes in traffic patterns, narrowed rights-of-way, and other construction activities often create a combination of factors resulting in crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Work zone incidents impact everyone. In addition to vehicular crashes and fatalities, the leading causes of death in the road and bridge construction sector are run overs, backovers, and falls. Simply put: drivers, passengers, and construction workers are all at risk. It’s important for everyone to do their part to improve work zone safety. Work zone safety is everybody’s responsibility.   US Department of Transportation

UIG Crews Spread the Word 

So, UIG got to work and enlisted our crews to spread the word.  Here’s a gallery of unforgettable pics from the campaign. Recognize any of these safe dudes?

Thanks to UIG Team Members! 

  • The Doug Queen Crew:  Jarvis Utsey, Brandon Queen, Eugene Fredericks, Doug Queen
  • The Albert Watts Crew: Moses McClinton, Rito Solorzano, Brandon Komara, Malik Phillips, Mario Davis, Albert Watts
  • The Bobby Joe Edwards Crew: Joshua Lantz, Tony Henry, Jamie Lowry, Treavis Peterson, Brian Craig, Bobby Joe Edwards

Jeff Hanson, VP, Health, Safety, and Environmental for United Infrastructure Group summed up the Orange for Safety campaign: “United, from the corporate office to each job site, is all about Safety. But we’re all human. You work day in, day out, you get into a routine, and you can take your eye off the ball. Safety Month, and United’s Orange for Safety Campaign, was a great way to jog the senses.

“So we got the crews involved. You see them on camera – these are your buddies. Some are natural spokesmen – and some aren’t!! But they’re regular folks. You make it fun, you make it personal – that’s how you make the message stick!”

In other words, safety isn’t a campaign or a Month – it’s a way of life at UIG. Let’s keep it that way!

Hiring Safety-minded Team Members

UIG is hiring! If a safe environment where individuals are valued sounds like a place YOU want to work, contact UIG today!


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