Potholes At The Polls: Infrastructure Politics

infrastructure politics
Infrastructure politics – two words that seem to go together! It seems like something we can all agree on. It seems like one area where we could actually get both sides of the aisle to work together. It seems to be a topic that bubbles up periodically, but then we move on to other things. Could this election year be different? Some in the infrastructure industry think so!

The International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association (IBTTA) reported recently that, in a few local congressional contests across the US, Infrastructure Politics is back! In one race,

The candidate “memorably promised to “fix the damn roads” in her campaign’s first TV ad. “In a debate last month, she described the plight of families that had been hit with bills for car damage after driving into potholes. “That $800 could have been money for rent,” she said. “It could have been money for a vacation.” IBTTA.com

infrastructure politics

Well, that’s one way to put it! Regular folks may not be able to wrap their heads around a $1.5 trillion Infrastructure Bill. But an $800 car repair that makes it hard to pay your rent? Crystal clear!

Speaking of $1.5 trillion, that’s the proposed price tag of the President’s Infrastructure Bill, which we reported on back in February. It’s ambitious and it has its pros and cons, and we praised it for at least “starting the conversation.” But as a topic for Infrastructure Politics, it seemed to have had a short shelf life. That often happens until events focus the mind.

Events like an election! Yes, midterms are right around the corner. Are Infrastructure Politics back in vogue? The IBTTA thinks so. But, while they see activity in the Midwest and Northeast, it’s pretty quiet in the Southeast.

infrastructure politics

If you take a quick glance at the US House races in SC, you might see an incumbent who once co-sponsored a highway bill, or a challenger who has an opinion about the President’s Infrastructure plan. But you won’t see a race where BOTH candidates are making infrastructure a central part of their platforms.

Which is the point, we suppose. Are you tired of continually growing congestion? Lengthening commutes? Carefully creeping down streets that look like the surface of the moon? That weird feeling every time you cross a bridge? Well here’s a reminder: whether or not Infrastructure Politics is today’s Hot Topic depends on YOU. Use the proper channels, be respectful, but tell your representatives and make your voice heard!

As we said last time, “At United Infrastructure Group, we feel that this is the right conversation at the right time. We all have a stake in this important issue. And we can all be a part of workable solutions that will keep the American economy growing.” And we’d like to add, help keep Americans SAFE on our roads!

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