United Demolition, LLC (UD) offers comprehensive demolition services, specializing in building demolition, concrete removal, and site demolition for various demolition projects. We use precise means and methods to remove the country’s aging infrastructure, providing the space required for the growing demand for new infrastructure. Working in all facets of the industry, UD specializes in heavy civil and marine demolition, industrial demolition, and commercial demolition. Our impressive portfolio showcases our role as leading demolition contractors, with projects encompassing the demolition of bridges, interchanges, wharfs, bulkheads, and industrial facilities.

UD as a leading demolition company uses a collaborative approach to maximize returns for a diverse range of clients, including public agencies, private developers, and general contractors. Our comprehensive suite of services, including complete demolition, debris removal, and lead abatement, caters to a variety of commercial and industrial property demolition needs. Our professional staff focuses on the goals of the project, whether it involves selective demolition, demolition and hauling, or demolition and abatement.

As part of the United Infrastructure Group Company, we combine years of experience with considerable resources to offer residential, commercial, and industrial demolition services, focusing on interior demolition and building renovation. We can handle projects of any size within the required timeframe. Our comprehensive project plans for demolition, dismantling, debris removal, and excavation are designed to minimize disruption, comply with environmental regulations, and, most importantly, ensure safety. We are committed to thorough demolition site clean up, including asbestos removal, ensuring the safety of all workers and compliance with necessary permits.
UD is committed to improving the country’s aging infrastructure by drawing on more than 50 years of combined demolition experience to clear a path for your community’s future. Over the years, the team has completed complex projects for the top general contracting firms and state agencies throughout the East Coast and Gulf regions.
Contact UD for more information on how our team of experienced demolition contractors can assist in meeting your project goals. Whether it’s building demolition, concrete removal, or site demolition, we’re here to make your project a success.
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Brian Clark
Vice President
United Demolition

Heavy Civil Demolition Services

UD provides results whether we’re working on water or surrounded by a downtown urban area.
We are committed to improving the country’s aging infrastructure. With more than 50 years of combined experience in demolition services, including building demolition and concrete removal, we clear a path for your community’s future.
UD has skillfully handled complex demolition jobs, including interior, pool, and structural demolition, for top-tier demolition companies and general contracting firms. We safely remove existing structures by customizing demolition means and methods based on site conditions.
We offer in-house engineering and experienced staff to provide our clients the flexibility to react to evolving needs.
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Industrial Demolition Services

UD addresses challenges at industrial plants by drawing on significant experience in industrial demolition and concrete demolition. Our expert team, equipped with heavy equipment and heavy machinery, develops and executes comprehensive strategies for diverse demolition projects:
• Structural and total demolition,
• Utility issues
• Hazardous material removal and disposal
• Site remediation
• Asset recovery