Del Webb Sun City Bridge

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New Bridge


Sun City, SC



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Sun City Bridge Construction in SC

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Del Webb Sun City Bridge

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This design-build project required the design, construction, and quality assurance of a new 230′ 4-span bridge over US 278 along with new roadway approaches and enhancements. The superstructure was comprised of 34′ reinforced concrete flat slab end spans, 2 – 81′ continuous interior spans with 48″ x 42″ prestressed concrete box beams, precast concrete fascia arch panels with a full brick veneer and precast artwork insets. The substructure consisted of reinforced concrete piers on 18″ prestressed concrete piles with concrete block and brick veneer surrounding all of the substructure components. Other aesthetic enhancements included faux guard houses at opposing corners, structural ornate aluminum railing, reinforced brick posts with precast concrete caps, and various precast concrete accent and artwork panels. The design and construction of the project was completed in approximately one year, including all approach work, landscaping, and lighting.
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