Road and Bridge Building Project Update: Monroe Expressway

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UIG is hard at work on road and bridge building projects across the Southeast US! We have projects ongoing in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida at various stages of completion. Today, let’s check in on a project that is nearing the finish line: the Monroe Expressway project in North Carolina.


Great progress continues on the road and bridge building project in Monroe, North Carolina. Just over two years after construction started on the nearly 20-mile tolled expressway, the bridges are nearing completion, asphalt is on the ground, and sign structures are going in the air.

Here are some numbers for you:

  • Bridges: 35 of 37 bridges on the project will be complete by fall of this year. We will begin construction on the remaining 2 bridges this summer.
  • Culverts: We have completed 19 of the 21 box culverts. The last two are awaiting traffic shifts to complete phase 2.
  • Noise Walls: A UIG crew has started construction on two of the four noise walls; all four should be complete this fall.

We split this road and bridge building project into three segments of 2, 10, and 8 miles.

  • First Segment: After delays caused by right of way and utilities issues, the major earthwork in the two-mile Segment One is currently underway and will continue through the end of the year.
  • Second Segment: Drainage and mass earthwork in the ten-mile Segment Two should conclude and progress on the pavement structure is ramping up this summer.
  • Third Segment: In Segment Three, UIG is near substantial completion on earthwork and drainage, as well as pavement and drainage. UIG has also placed pavement structure, consisting of stabilized subgrade, cement treated stone, and asphalt on a majority of the eight miles.

Segments Two and Three will be substantially complete by the end of 2017.

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There are more than 60 suppliers and specialty subcontractors on the project working on various activities in this impressive road and bridge building project. These include utility relocations, guardrail, curb, MSE walls, signing, tolling infrastructure, and many others.  These subcontractors, along with the UIG resources, account for the nearly 1,000+ people on site at any given time and all of their work moves along at a quick pace.

That’s the story from Monroe NC, one of the many road and bridge building projects United Infrastructure Group is managing across the Southeast US. Join us here next time for more news from UIG: the Southeast’s premiere infrastructure construction firm for nearly 100 years!

And, as always…Construction trades: WE’RE HIRING!

(Thanks to UIG’s Michael Gantt for the original article.)

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