UIG Celebrates Women In Construction

Women in Construction

March 4-10, 2018 was Women in Construction Week, and United Infrastructure Group was proud to participate! We highlighted many UIG women in the office and the field on the pages of Social Media, who shared stories about knocking down barriers and fighting stereotypes through on-the-job excellence. As Women in Construction Week concludes, here are their stories, one more time. Thanks again, ladies!!

“Construction is not the career path I imagined for myself. But an opportunity with United as an Environmental Manager came up and I have loved this job and company. It is an empowering experience to be a part of building something like a bridge or a major highway system and seeing it from start to finish. I would encourage more women to enter the construction industry. Being a part of this working “family” is an experience like none I have had before.” Marlene Grischuk, UIG Health Safety and Environmental Supervisor.

Bertha Johnson has been with UIG for two years. As an Admin for Equipment Manager Keith Ernandez, Bertha maintains all service and inspection records. She also transfers equipment from site to site, and works to keep UIG equipment in compliance with all state and federal requirements. Bertha says, “I would encourage women to join the construction field – don’t let gender stop you! Women can defy the odds and succeed at anything we set our minds to do!”

Cindy Garrick is a Benefits Administrator who has been with UIG for just over a year. Her favorite part of the job is working with the people. “I love visiting the crews and assisting them. Everyone is friendly and we have a great time discussing issues that are important to them and the company.” Cindy says opportunities are all around for women. “So, do some research, figure out which path interests you, and then get the proper training. Most of all, just GO FOR IT! You’ll have the time of your life!”

Mandi Smith Macomber says that “United is like a big family full of genuine people.” And she should know – she and her brother are 3rd-generation employees following in the footsteps of their grandfather, dad and uncles! Mandi has worked in Human Resources for two years, where she approaches every day as a chance to learn something new. Her message for women thinking about construction? “Just like any other business, respect and credibility have to be earned. But stick with it, work hard and develop your skill set – it’s worth it!”

“Misconceptions about women in construction will take time to diminish. We must show people that women can be successful, and we will do it by performing our jobs to the best of our ability, every day. I strongly encourage women to consider the construction industry. Let’s create a culture, get involved in skilled trades and lead the way!” Bandana Maratha, UIG Health Safety and Environmental Manager. 

“The number of women working in the construction industry is steadily on the rise. In fact, nearly 40% of new entrants with advanced degrees entering the industry are female. So, that old question – ‘is this any place for a woman?’ Women are answering it for themselves!” Ta’Kia Howze, MHA/MHI, UIG, UIG Corporate Administrative / Executive Assistant

AP Manager Jennifer Larson is a 5 year associate who wants women to know that “Construction is a great field. It’s always growing and there’s lots of opportunity!” UIG Accounting Clerk Paula Comer says that 2 years on the job have taught her that “Construction is always changing. New challenges and new things to learn every day – it’s never boring!”

“My hope is that I have demonstrated that women are adaptable to all the environments in construction from the office to the job site. I am passionately working to integrate more women at every phase of company operations at UIG. The more successful women we have, the easier it will be to affect changed perceptions that women can have fulfilling careers in the construction industry.”  Rebecca Battle-Bryant, VP, Human Resources & Workforce Development/EEO Officer

We believe in diversity and inclusion. Read more about our company values in Our Story.


Some say that construction is no place for a woman. Many women worry they may be treated differently if they pursue a career in the construction industry. Those are real concerns, but at UIG we embrace the opportunity to overcome stereotypes and provide a meaningful career for everyone. If you are considering a career in construction, contact United Infrastructure Group today!