Celebrating Women In Construction March 6-12

“Being a female engineer in the field is very empowering and I’m proud to pave the way for future females to enter into this male dominated field.”

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Megan Cavazos Forthman is a Sr. Project Engineer. She has been with UIG for just under two years. Megan has a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Texas-San Antonio (go Rowdy!) and spent the first several years of her career working on Federal projects. In 2012, Megan began working in construction and hasn’t looked back. Projects include the Brackish Water Desalination Plant in San Antonio, Texas; The Recruit and Family In processing and Information Center at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas; the I-40 bridge over the White River in Arkansas; and several projects in Georgia, including the US-1 Widening in Appling/Toombs Co. and the Gwinnett St. Bridge in Savannah. Megan encourages all young females to pursue a career in STEM, especially engineering with a focus on construction.

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Liz McCamy, Beverly Domilla, Jennifer Larson, Kim Hart, Crystal Hudson, Kayla Carter, Bertha Johnson , Mary Beth Camp

Our operations center is made up of these phenomenal women who help keep our company going each and every day. From accounting to equipment and office management. Thank you for all you do! See an example of our team’s quick response to an emergency situation here.

“20 years ago women weren’t always welcomed with open arms, so I just learned as much as I could.”

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Sarita McGraw, CHST is a Construction Health & Safety Technician. She has been with UIG for almost a year working primarily on our Georgia Projects.

“I started in construction when I was 21 and fell in love with the industry and everyone in it. 20 years ago women weren’t always welcomed with open arms, so I just learned as much as I could and eventually became a concrete lead man and ran 10-12 man crews as a concrete finisher for 5 years. During that same time I was going to school for my bachelors degree in Occupational Safety and Health. I took on the safety role 5 years ago and love it! We are a unique family and the people I’ve met along this journey have been some of the most special people I’ve ever met!”

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Hope Foskey is a recent high school graduate and has begun her career in construction with UIG. Hope works on erosion control and traffic control at US-1. In her spare time she enjoys mud bogging.

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Michelle Garcia has started her career in construction with UIG. Michelle used to work ina restaurant and made the jump into construction. Michelle works as a laborer, working on all aspects of bridge construction. She also keeps the crew in line and ensures everyone is working safely. She is also a dedicated mother of three.

Maria Saez has started her career in construction with UIG. Maria also works as a laborer and helps keeps any job site she is on clean and organized. She also has a young son.