US 701 Bridge-Six Mile Creek

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Bridge Replacement


Georgetown, Washington DC



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Project Value

$5 Million

Project Size

160'x47.25' 3 Spans

US 701 Bridge-Six Mile Creek

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Project Details

“The proposed work consists of the replacement of the existing 36-foot wide by 150-foot long bridge over Six Mile Creek with a 47-foot wide by 160-foot long bridge, which will include a 12-foot wide travel lane and 10-foot wide shoulder in each direction. To accommodate the new bridge, and maintain traffic flow during construction, the new bridge will be offset approximately 45-feet to the west. The offset bridge replacement will require a westerly shift to approximately 1,700 linear feet of U.S. 701 south of the bridge and approximately 2,300 linear feet of U.S. 701 north of the bridge.

Also proposed is incidental intersection work at U.S. 701 and Ramsey Grove Road and at a private drive. Approximately 0.086-acre of fill material will be removed from the existing bridge ends to provide better hydrologic connection along the adjacent overbank areas. The proposed project will have permanent fill impacts to 0.476-acre of non-tidal wetlands and 0.477-acre of tidal wetlands and will have temporary clearing impacts to 0.124-acre of non-tidal wetlands and 0.305-acre of tidal wetlands, for a total of 1.382-acres of wetland impacts.”
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